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  • What are your prospects for a job? How will you handle said job?

  • What is this, a teen autism club? I had many prospects but I was fired outright 5 times, and I left 2 others. I had a few successful job experiences where my clashing with others was ignored or tolerated but I couldn't maintain for at most a year and a half due to a low threshold for stress.

    I had my most success by being aggressive and extroverted, with incredible expenditures of energy. It's better to be a jerk than to be a victim but it's incredibly difficult.

    My brain would fall asleep rather quickly. I took a vitamin cocktail of Pantothenic acid (B5), niacin (B3), Magnesium, and Vitamin C at noon to nourish my adrenals for the afternoon lull. An idea from Adrenal Fatigue by Wilson. I tried Adderall but that was way too harsh on sleeping.

    Diet is crucial. I joined Food Addicts Anonymous which was no sugar no flour but they still had oatmeal in the morning. Later I learned about the GAPS diet. Optimal: no wheat, sugar, dairy, or fibrous vegetables.

    I was stubborn. I did my best staying employed but I really couldn't and shouldn't have tried to do so. After every workday I was furiously overstimulated, raging, exhausted, etc. My hair went prematurely grey from stress I think.

    Considering "jobs" I would also consider social relationships a "job" since social relationships were one of the main sources of my difficulties with employment. Including relationships I must have been fired hundreds of times, including immediate and extended family. I've been fired from an asperger's group once. Another one I left before I could be fired. I was fired from two autism online forums for bringing up vaccines. I could tell you some really mean social firings that you wouldn't believe.

    I'm pessimistic about sharing like this. From all the forums I've been in and meetups and support groups no autistic person really explores themselves in more than a superficial way except for me. I've done EMDR, cognitive behavioral, biofeedback, orthomolecular, somatic experiencing, schema therapy, and much, much more. My brain is on fire. I was abused. I'm an unsupported social mutant.

    But I never give up. I'm very stubborn. Right now I'm doing electro-biofeedback to increase theta waves and to improve sleep. I'm doing Inner Balance heart/breath biofeedback to deal with stress. I'm doing GAPS/Keto diet to lose weight. I'm supplementing Betaine HCL to absorb nutrients better from my food. I'm supplementing ALC for brain energy and to stave off alzheimer's. I'm supplementing quality fish oil with Vitamin D. I'm supplementing Broccoli Sprout extract to reduce brain inflammation-learned that one from "How to Cure the Autism Epidemic" by Handley. I've spent the last few months looking very closely at medicinal CLO2 but rejected it. I've done much more than all this. Rife therapy, anti-parasite cleanses, water-only fasting, energy healing, acupuncture, posture coaching, many types of meditation including mindfulness and irest, and of course medications but I could never tolerate side effects being so physically hypersensitive.

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